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About Me

I am a Hatha yoga instructor and life coach with 10 years of experience. I used to feel trapped in a corporate career that I hated; I was lonely and repeating the same bad relationship patterns. On the outside it looked great- I had a career, a house a new car. But I wasn't happy. But I learned the tools to completely change my life to one that I love. Now I teach my clients those same tools so that they can go from feeling stuck and unhappy to creating intentional and fulfilling lives.

I am passionate about helping people connect to their most authentic and creative selves so they can reach their full potential and share their gifts with the world.

When I'm not working, I love going on family adventures with my husband and little boy, reading, and snuggling my cats.



200 hour yoga teacher training through the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo, Fall 2009.

Martha Beck Life Coach traning program, September 2014 cohort.

Susan Hyatt's BARE coach certification program, March 2020.

Susan Hyatt's BOLD facilatator program, May 2020.

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