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1:1 Coaching

Are you a soulful, compassionate, women stuck in relationship patterns that don’t serve you (like bending over backwards for your partner, constantly making excuses for them, or sticking with something that doesn’t feel right out of fear or attachment)?

I can help you get the clarity and insight you need to decide whether to stay or go. 


Even if you have you already left, but still need closure or are feeling shame, I can help.


I can help you  learn to see your negative relationship patterns and give you the tools to shift them, and use the process as a vehicle for personal transformation, growth, and healing so that you can not only create a great relationship (whether you stay or find a new one), but also feel more confident and aligned within yourself.

What happens in 1:1 coaching with me?

I ask you great questions to help you uncover the beliefs and habits that are holding you back.

I teach you practices to clear out any stuck emotions and self coaching tools to change thought habits that are keeping you stuck.

I help you reconnect with your true authentic self, your higher self, your intuition... call it what you want- but from that place you can make inspired decisions for your life.

I help you identify the tiny easy steps to take day by day to change your life- and I gently hold you accountable to those making those changes.

Are you ready to make some changes in your life? Ready to ditch the patterns and cycles that are holding you back, and messing up your relationships?

Let's hop on a no-obligation consult call to see how I can help.


BARE Book Club

Next session begins Tuesday, April 12, 2022!
Cart Closes Tuesday March 29.

The BARE Process is amazing for improving your relationship with yourself.

Most women come to BARE for weight loss or body image, but I came to reconnect with my own self. BARE is about shifting the focus from shrinking your waist to expanding your life and it DELIVERS! That is why I got certified in this coaching method, and am so excited to share it. 


I run this group program a few times a year.

It is only 6 weeks (90 minute calls), so it is a small commitment for a big impact.

Click the "More info" button below for all the details and to sign up for the upcoming session!

We'll be meeting Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm EST, beginning April 12th.

BOLD for Girls.png

BOLD for girls (ages 8-18)

Did you know that the average age that a girl in the US starts dieting is 8 years old? And around that same age girls' confidence plummets by 30%.


BOLD is a group program designed to give girls the tools they need to lead an empowered life.

This program helps them nurture their most important relationship- the one with themselves.

We meet weekly* for 7 weeks and cover topics including media, food, exercise, and using your voice.

There is a fun challenge each week to help them grow both physically and mentally.


* Due to covid groups will meet virtually via zoom for now.

Fill out the form below to get more information on BOLD. 

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