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Rethinking resolutions and intentions

Intentions are the new resolutions, am I right? Everyone seems to know that resolutions don't work. Enter intentions. So now instead of making a resolution to lose 15 pounds, we set an intention to exercise regularly.

It sounds better, but does it really work? In my experience no. That intention is still reliant on willpower, and counting on willpower alone to change a habit is a recipe for failure.

In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about layers of behavior change.

Setting goals is focusing on the outcomes.

Setting intentions is focusing on the process.

But if we really want to change, we have to focus on changing our identity.

So how do you change your identity?

Well start by brainstorming... how does a woman already at your current goal feel? What does she do? How does she dress? How does she show up when she communicates with people? Brainstorm all of the ways you think you would be different if you reach that goal that you have for yourself.

Now, how can you start being that woman right away? How can you embody that identity?

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